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Choosing the perfect accessories


Congratulations, you have found the one, your husband and the dress!!

Now you may be wondering whether accessories are really that important when you and your dress are the main attractions. Sometimes it really is about the smaller details. Your accessories could add another dimension to your overall look or really pull your theme together.

Here at Whyte Weddings we’ve compiled a list to look at some of the most gorgeous accessory ideas to help you style your dress to suit your big day.

Combing Through the Hair Accessories

There are so many absolutely beautiful hair accessories to choose from for your big day. Some add a touch of bling to your look with various crystals and beadwork and others create a chic sophisticated statement.

Here we look at our most popular hair accessories:

The Veil – Veils are a timeless wedding tradition that can add a different element to your overall look. Longer cathedral or chapel length veils add drama to the gown and help create a sophisticated, feminine silhouette. For something subtler but still packs drama consider a fingertip veil or for a retro feel then play with some birdcage veils. When choosing your veil think about whether you’d like to emphasise some of the details on the dress itself. Beaded edging or diamante veils will help you pull out the sparkle in the gown or a lace edged veil will help create a soft romantic look. Or if you’d like the dress to do all the talking consider a plainer veil to just create the whimsical shape.

Hair Combs – Hair combs work really well to add a touch of sparkle to your up-do, sliding in a comb over the top of your veil can create a beautiful accent. Then for the evening do you can remove the veil and leave in the comb.

Tiaras – For a more princess bride a Tiara really is a must have. It adds class, sparkle and a dash of royalty to your look. Tiaras can work with or without a veil and will still look gorgeous with an up-do or loose hair styles, they really are versatile.

Floral Crowns – A Boho or casual Bride should look into having a floral crown to complete their look. These stunning crowns work really well for destination weddings, be it a summer beach style or more of a rustic garden wedding. They also make the floral lace in gowns really pop so consider matching them in with floral designs.

Hair Vines – With so many different beautiful designs these versatile hair accessories can work with almost any style gown. There’s plenty of metal choices and a range of gorgeous embellishments. With the added benefit of being wired together with superb flexibility these vines can be twisted through an up-do hairstyle or wrapped into a more relaxed loose style. Try matching it in with bead-work on the gowns to really make it pop.

Hair Pins – If you’re style is more simplistic and sophisticated then consider adding some hair pins into your look. These can be glitzy to add a touch of sparkle or pearly if you’d like to match them into a more traditional style dress.

Bridal Jewellery

Think about the neckline of your wedding dress before deciding on the matching jewellery. If it’s a strapless gown, then a statement necklace may well complete the look for you. If the neckline is more detailed, then maybe look at some beautiful drop earrings to add a bit of glamour.

If your dress is more traditional then look at dressing it up with pearls whereas if its more modern or sparkly then look at diamonds and other types of bling.

Jazz up your dress with a sash

To accentuate your waist, or if your dress is a simple design, you could wrap a sash around your middle. These could feature crystals and other embellishment, and look like part of the dress itself.

The sky really is the limit when it comes to bridal accessories, you can go as wild or as sophisticated as you like, but always remember to stay true to your own personality and your own style. Don’t let anyone try and convince you that you must have something because it’s traditional or in fashion. Make sure you’re picking accessories that make you feel your most beautiful and of course don’t go too OTT and distract the attention away from your gorgeous wedding dress. But most importantly enjoy playing with accessories and don’t be afraid to try something brand new, who knows, you may come up with the next winning trend.


Love Team Whyte Weddings x


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