Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Whyte Weddings

Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Whyte Weddings


At Whyte Weddings boutique we know how important finding the right dress for your wedding day is, and of course, that starts with wedding dress shopping! It’s an experience like no other and it’s not something we do every day so knowing what to expect and finding out some tips before starting is always a good idea. It will leave you armed with knowledge and ready to hit the boutiques to find your dress in a stress-free shopping experience. At Whyte Weddings, our experienced stylists create a magical experience for brides who are searching for their dream wedding dress and during your one-to-one appointment, they can give you their world knowledge in all things dresses, so we wanted to share with you just that. We give you our top wedding dress shopping tips.


Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Whyte Weddings

3400 by Allure Romance


Research Boutiques

It can be tempting to visit every bridal boutique in your area and book 5 appointments per day for the foreseeable, but we can assure you this will only end up with you feeling very confused, overwhelmed and frazzled. To get the most and best out of your wedding dress shopping experience do your research first! Start by looking at websites and get a vibe for the type of appointment and boutique you like, look at what designers they stock and what range of sizes they offer. Once you have completed this part then give them a ring and chat to them about the price ranges and any particulars you have in mind for your wedding dress.


Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Whyte Weddings

Baxley by Maggie Sottero

Be Picky About Your Entourage

We absolutely understand that you want your nearest and dearest there, but it depends on how many of your friends and family that includes! Wedding dress shopping is an amazing experience and it’s tempting to invite everyone but, we would advise a maximum of 3 people, especially when you are choosing your dress. Everyone will have different opinions and you may feel like you need to please which may lead to you feeling overwhelmed and not being able to pick a dress at all!




Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Whyte Weddings

Hattie by Rebecca Ingram

Be Open-Minded

Be open-minded when it comes to trying on. You may have a good idea of the style of dress you want but trying on an array of different styles, as well as the styles you love will help you to know that that definitely is the right choice for you, or you’ll find something better in the process. Happy days!


Be Honest About your Budget

Being honest about your budget is a must. Whatever you decide to spend on your wedding dress is up to you, and trying on styles that are out of your price range will only lead to disappointment. If the boutique knows your budget then your bridal consultant can help you look for styles that will flatter your figure, meet your needs and hopefully exceed your expectations when it comes to finding your dream dress.


Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Whyte Weddings

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Wear The Right Underwear

Wearing something that is closest to the underwear you’ll be wearing on your wedding day is a good choice for your wedding dress shopping experience. If you’re unsure then a well-fitting strapless bra and seamless pants in a nude shade are best. Having said that don’t go strapless if you need the support! If you are wanting to wear shapewear then take it with you to your appointment, for some people this may make them feel more confident when trying on dresses.


Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Whyte Weddings

Winter by Maggie Soterro

Think About Your Venue

It shouldn’t necessarily be at the top of your list but it’s worth considering your venue and the theme of the wedding. If you’re having a barn wedding in the middle of the country then having a long train or a dress made of tulle might not be the best idea. If you have a big bold stately home venue do you want a dramatic dress to match the vibe? Take the context of your day into consideration.


Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Whyte Weddings

Josie by Rebecca Ingram


Be You

You should be yourself on your wedding day, whatever that looks like for you it’s important to be you! It doesn’t matter what’s in fashion, what’s trendy and what you think you should wear. It’s about wearing something that feels like you and choosing something you feel comfortable in. Your everyday style can help when it comes to this so think about what style of clothes you wear in your everyday life; if you’re not used to wearing tight-fitting clothing and don’t feel comfortable in it then you’re probably not going to feel comfortable in a tight-fitting dress.


Enjoy Yourself

It’s the ultimate shopping experience so make sure you enjoy yourself to the fullest and get the most out of it! Find a dress that flatters your figure, and makes you look and more importantly feel amazing!


Wedding Dress Shopping; Our Top Tips From Whyte Weddings

Dina by Morilee


At Whyte Weddings, our one-to-one appointments are held with our knowledgeable and passionate team members who are at hand to help you select the perfect dress for you. All the dresses we have featured are available to try on in the boutique so if you would like to book a wedding dress shopping appointment with us get in touch!

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