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Choosing the right dress for a winter wedding


We love winter weddings over at Whyte Weddings!! The food is comforting; the decor is unique but most of all everything has a warmer cosier feel to it.

So how do you go about finding a gorgeous wedding dress that keeps you looking fabulous and feeling warm?

Here at Whyte Weddings we have put together some tips on how to choose the perfect winter wedding dress.

Lace, Lace, Lace

Lace can add some beautiful drama to your dress and by layering it over exposed skin it can help keep the chills at bay.

Try adding a feminine lace jacket over a low back to add detail and fight the breeze. Or consider adding some lace sleeves to a sleeveless gown for a timeless elegant look.

Lace will keep your dress chic yet full of drama.

Accessorize it!

If you don’t want to cover yourself completely to keep you warm, you should consider accessories to layer over your gown to keep out the cold.

A feather wrap will keep you warm without bulking out your look, you could also look at using a warmer colour to bring the warmth of your skin tone out.

For a more whimsical bride why not create a cascading cape down the back or the dress, or for a more edgy bride a tailored biker jacket will pack a punch.

Or how about considering some dainty gloves to keep your fingers warm whilst you’re outside taking photographs.

The possibilities are endless!!


For a winter wedding fabric choice is super important. If your reception and ceremony are all indoors you could make use of lighter silk and lace dresses, however if you’re making the most of the magical outdoors you should consider a heavier silk, woven fabric or even a timeless satin to keep out the wind.

Fuller silhouettes such as a ball gown or A-Line wedding dress are perfect for a winter wedding as you stand at the alter with the wintry background. They will keep the warmth in whilst making you look like royalty.

All That Glitters

A touch of sparkle can work all year round but for a winter wedding you can really go for it!! Try looking out for sparkling beadwork, shimmering sequins or dramatic crystals. Or you could go for a glitter tulle underskirt to catch the twinkle in the fairy lights. Sparkle can really create a stunning winter wonderland style wedding!

Armed with these fabulous tips you will definitely be able to create the perfect winter wedding look that still looks elegant, sophisticated and chic but still ensures you remain warm during your beautiful celebrations!


Love Team Whyte Weddings x

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